Does someone want to create a massive collab? [Closed]


Well then, we’re all on the same genre haha


I would like the collab to be made by 10 different producers, but first, I would like to listen to your best tracks


Do you want me to post it here or just PM you the link?


DM me if you prefer


Sounds like a great idea you guys! Just remember once you got enough members in the collaboration, move the conversations over to a group message or discord chat to keep the devs and mods from getting upset :slight_smile:


Yes. I won’t get upset, but, it’s most appreciated :slight_smile:




Somewhere in between GlitchHop and chill trap. Feel free to listen to my music to determine for yourself, as I have to the tendency to unknowingly lie to people!!


I want to collab


Interested! Wooo


I do deep house and groove actually


I’m mostly do prog house and other hard edm genres like that. But I can adapt to anything really


I personally think it will be more interesting with different genre specialties.


Hey man,

If you are doing a megacollab, consider me in! If not, that’s okay. I’ll still be willing to collaborate with anyone!


If there’s still room i’d be happy to join. I think i’d be able to do future bass, it’s not my usual style but i like to try new things!


If you want to enter, dm me your best tracks


I would love to enter if I can.




I’M IN! I would love to!!


Send your best tracks by DM and I’ll tell you if you’re in!