Does someone want to create a massive collab? [Closed]


Hey Guys, my name is Joel García, I have never posted here before, and I would like to know you, so I wanted to ask you if you’d want to create a massive collab? What are your thoughts?


There have been different versions of this throughout the forum time years! Feel free to create your own mega collab, and if you do, I’ll join, just HMU, but if you don’t, would still like to collab so at least you can know me, and I can pass some info about the forum and others users to you, so you can get an idea about the forum!! Cheers!

— Osharu Pérez


Hello @joelgarcia !

I’d love to do a collab! (Mega or not)
If you do make a mega collab, I’d love to do it. And like @OsharuPerez said, if you need anything, just @ me or dm me.


Welcome to the forum @joelgarcia !

I would love to join a mega collab. Just wondering if there would be a set genre? And for the 3rd time, send me a message if you need any help! :grin:

I hope you enjoy your time in the forums!


Are noobies also allowed?


Are demo users also allowed?


I’m all in


If noobies can join I’m in


I’m excited


i’m in


Lol drop the project 2.0


I’m in


Let’s do this


What’s the genre and the bpm? Or is it gonna be like drop the project?


Thank you bros, what genres do you produce?@OsharuPerez @Jax @Bastyon @Twizard @GreyOldTwit @The_Osprey @Mr_Mooo @MONTES @flowerhorn


cAn i jOiN


Future bass


Future bass or maybe progressive house


Yoo guys can I join?


Usually it’s Future Bass.