Does anyone make hip hop/rap/trap beats?

yeah thats cool there wasnt any cover art for scorpion so do whatever you want in regards to that

Thank you brother, I’ll use my album that I’m working on right now, Look up XO TERRACE OFFICIAL on SoundCloud

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can i just ask that you change the title to ‘xoterrace edit’ or something along those lines

I’ll see if I can change it, I’ve already posted it

increase is sick

1 Like probably not gonna finish this but i was just messing around with samples and a few auxy instruments. this song is complete for the most part. only samples were the drums and the vocals in the back that i chopped up and stuff.

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Yes but also no. Just released this the other day. More of trap but could be edited for vocals

Thank you fam

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omg I REALLY like Lonely

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This beat is dope bro​:fire::fire::fire:


I make trap/hip hop beats ALOT (Sorry for revive, idk what to do these days)