Does anyone make hip hop/rap/trap beats?

The beginning needed only three chords every 4 bars and some white noise. Take off the last chord so that there is some silence before it repeats. Being back the last chord for the verse. The bass line needs some work, it doesnt sound defined. The song needs less repitition and more structure.


This is the first trap song I ever made, and feel free to remix this!

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Ik it’s a bit repetitive but just go with it :joy:

I am saying this as a suggestion only. I listened to your track and it sounded like it lacked variety. As I went through each of the scenes it sounded the same just one note different or two, add a little variety and your good brother

I make a lot of hip hop beats on Auxy and now I’m utilizing Splice and custom samples. Here are a few:

I’m surprised anyone actually found it. It’s been years since I began but made no progress, as my music tastes have heavily impacted what kind of songs I aim to make now. I thank you for the honest review over it though, and I haven’t been Auxy active since I’ve been playing with FL Studio Mobile for quite a bit for only about 20 minutes a day, mainly working with hardstyle, future core and synthwave today, but it seems that over the years I’ve only made progression with chords since I have very little knowledge in music theory.

I understand, making music is definitely a time consuming thing but you feel a sense of pride when you finish a song

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I’m an on and off producer, so my progress over the years is very little and I usually get stuck after the first buildup and leave the project, causing several unfinished projects lol

Sí, señor :stuck_out_tongue::ok_hand:

This one is a bit repetitive, but it’s meant to be a cypher beat :grimacing:

Good bass tho ngl

Hey brother, I remodeled your song “Scorpion” I hope you don’t mind, if you’d like I can attach it to this chat? I think you’ll like it honestly

yeah sure

I’m producing beats for my uncle who’s an upcoming SoundCloud rapper

intriguing, send the link…

Uncle Giuseppe STRAIGHT FIRE :muscle: :fire:

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how do I share the Auxy project? I’m new sorry

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IAATOE, I’d like to post the version of Scorpion that I made changes to on my SoundCloud account. Of course I would put (IAATOE/XOTERRACE) in the title. I wanted to make sure I had permission before I did it. Reply asap