Does anyone know of a plug-in that sounds exactly like the riff instrument?

I’m looking for a sound that is exactly like euphoric memories riff know of any plugins that copy the qualities of that sound? Btw I am no longer using auxy so see you auxy community!!! It was a fun ride!


Saw with lots of detuned unison + chorus I believe

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I think he doesn’t mean in auxy, since he stopped using auxy

It would still be a detuned saw. those exist outside of Auxy

Edit: you could probably use Serum for this, since it has a unison and detune option, although there are free synths that could do this too. Just search for synths with unison and detune options


Europa, Serum, Thor (Reason or iOS specific), Reason Compact (read iEuropa), Sunrizer - basically any subtractive style synth be it iOS or desktop/laptop land. They’re pretty common features.


Thank you for your help! Really appreciate it!!!

would say serum if you have the budget and want the best of the best, but I personally use Helm as my go-to plugin for sounds, which is free. It’s not as versatile as serum, but it works just fine for my tracks rn and the rest can honestly be done with other plugins (that are also free lol).


Dude this helps a lot!!! Thanks!!!

Yeah I think I’m looking into buying serum. Thank you!!