Does anyone ever use Marble or Bumble?

In my opinion, these are not stellar sounds. Has anyone ever used them successfully or creatively? Post your examples!

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I tried and I don’t think it’s the worst I’ve heard:

This is the only song I’ve made using the Bumble sound:
Here :hugs:That wasn’t so hard. Only took 30 minutes and it sounds decent.

I used Marble to make a great song. If you wanna hear it its on my soundcloud :slight_smile: HighSenberg

I like to use marble for layers but not the main part usually. Don’t think I’ve ever used bumble. Scarf is my jam though. In general the original sounds are really really good.

I originally didn’t like Marble, but it’s actually pretty good for a kind of lo-fi sound.

This is my Auxy project that uses it!


I think that you can use marble only for trap beats…

Never used Marble, although I’ve tried. The modulation makes it hard to sit with other sounds.

Bumble is meant to be a 303 type sound like Bee. Bee is pretty good and I use it a lot, but Bumble is just too muddy, has way too much in the low mid range for a lead sound, but also not strong enough in the low to be a bass. If we get our HPF, this sound might become more useful as a lead .

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That was well put.

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Bumble is the closest thing to a trap tuba

wow dude that song has to be in my top 10 fav auxy tracks! And you used all original sounds too! props to you (:slight_smile:

Wow thank you!

FYI, here’s the SoundCloud page so you can listen to it on your computer.

Actually I’m working on a track with both Marble and Bumble. It’s not done yet but here’s what I got so far:


Never have I ever.

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I used marble once:

Marble bumble challenge? Check it out in the challenges page.

@_undefined My post inspired it

Oh ok