Does Anyone ever have the problem where they make a sweet idea but they can't build it into a full track?

Me. All the time. Help.


Same problem :sob:


Yeah def man lol. This I’d bet is the case for everyone. For every :fire: track I bet producers have 100 sacks of crap haha

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Maybe not crap, but just stuff I somehow…can’t…make into a full song. idk how to explain. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Collaborations will help with this kind of writers block. The other person helping with ideas makes it a lot more easier to conquer this kind of writer’s block.


That sums up my life.



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I’ve literally got so many snippets of stuff that I just can’t make into full tracks. Help me. I’ve got like 40 of them alone.

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Getting ‘stuck in a 4 bar loop‘ is quite a common issue for music makers.

Like many here, I have a shedload of undeveloped ideas; typically 4-8 bar ‘scraps’ sitting on the back burner, each of which could form the backbone of a new piece, if only I could figure out a direction for them.

Luckily, there are lots of creators offering potential ways to break out of it.

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OMG, that is a summary of my life. At the moment, I have 5 full songs, and 32 unfinished ideas on Auxy :smile:

Rather that, than five full songs - and zero ideas. :wink:

Yea :joy:

I’ve hit my monthly period of creative block and I can’t come up with anything. I need some new sounds. AP-008, where you at, fam?


Just send it to someone else and see what they can do with it

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The dreaded 8 bar loop. :pensive:
Gets me a lot, here are some helpful vids on that issue.



I also remember someone saying that the 8 bar loop problem(stuck), happens because you do not have a clean ideal of how the song will be structured. Write down how you want the structure to be, then work within those boundaries.
Some of this might be hit or miss, but hopefully something works.

I do all the time, sometimes I’ll mess with all the different synths. Other times I’ll just leave the main part of the idea and come back later, one time I didn’t work on a song for about 5 months. Came back, changed the tempo and some other details, added in a beat, done. A real sexy trap Beat.


Me when that happens: :ok_hand::joy::gun: