Does Anyone else make Orchestral pieces in Auxy

Wow your music is really impressive!!! Are you open for collaboration?

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Mixed genre
At the end is orchestra


That last three scenes are so awesome! Kind of have that bjork early 2000s vibe! Dig it!

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I’m interested in making Orchestral tracks in Auxy, I just dont know which instruments to use to get the style I want. I know Orchestral strings are good but what else could I use to make a full Orchestral song?


Yes he is amazing

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Welcome to the Auxy Disco forum. Make yourself at home!

Horns and Trumpets

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It’s difficult to make good orchestral music on Auxy as they don’t have much woodwind instruments. Strings only have groups no solo string instruments. But still can always tweak other instruments to make them sound a certain way or import sample that’s ready made. Have to be super diligent lol

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Hey Prismech DM me and I could really help you.

Impressive. There’s clearly talent there.

But, it’s being choked by Auxy’s limitations.
I’d be interested to hear how it sounds when rebuilt in your DAW, where you have access to more articulation, subtlety and better quality orchestral sounds.

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I really appreciate it. I’ll try to share it when it’s ready. :grin:


It’s neat to see some interest on this front! I use strings a lot, but they tend to get mixed in with other genres and textures. Here’s one of my purely-orchestral pieces:


I made these a while ago for a failed collab, and I had orchestra in mind. I’m kinda proud of them:

Mountain Boss.

Ice Boss.

More recently made this, it has an orchestral finish:

Half a Life.


Here recently, I was brave enough to post one of my classical type tracks.

People seemed to like it!
But it’s also kinda Baroque Pop/Indie Folk

I’m about to check yours out now :+1:t2:

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the strings is just my issue, im trying to find anyone else who has successfully made the strings sound more real, like in my songs I have figured out things to get them more realistic, I wonder if anyone else has because honestly auxy strings suck

Export your midi out and the rest of the tracks into a desktop DAW, and use a free plugin with the midi for the strings. Way easier and way simpler.

Two very good free string sets: (Requires sforzando player) (Requires you to fill out a survey and wait two weeks for it to be authorized. But it’s worth it, they sound extra realistic)


All of the spitfire audio stuff is great, will and can vouch for this

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As so they should — Spitfire were the team behind the capture/sampling session with the orchestra.
The amount of articulations those folks bake into their packs is ridiculous.

(There is some engineering to enhance the Discover set (after all, it’s less than 200MB), which are replaced with a more full suite of samples in the more expensive Core and Pro versions (which are £400/24GB and £899/590GB respectively.)

It’s worth checking out Spitfire Audio’s, Christian Hanson’s and Guy Michelmore’s walkthroughs of the BBC SO kits.

I grabbed BBC SO Discover when the offer first launched, but I’ve not worked on anything that would need it yet.
(Although I’ve still got a comprehensive set of Orchestra instruments from my Ableton Live 9 Suite leftovers.)

@AMA, it’s worth checking out Spitfire’s LABS as well as their Piano Book community sample submission project.

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Also on the topic of Spitfire… They’re offering free composition and production masterclasses as part of their Spitfire Summer School programme…