Does anyone DJ?


Keep up the gigs, mate!


AYYYYY! We have the same, but a different color


I forgot


I’ve played stuff for people made in Auxy frequently


disliked because of fidget spinner



Hahahahaha! Yes!


30yr Vinyl Jockey here! Used to Publicly back in the early 90’s. Notables are: Bite Of Seattle (Mural Amphitheater @ The Needle), Taste Of Tacoma, Kids Day, & many many High School parties & talent shows, etc., Spun Disco, R&B, HipHop, House, Jazz & even grundge (heh!) on Silver MK2 1200’s / Stanton 500 Carts (W/ various Conical & Elliptical Stylus’ over the years) / Numark Fader / Safeway milk crates! Used Roland TR-707,909, DR-5; Alesis HR&SR-16 DM’s with Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer (which, sadly, was notorious for memory-wipe surges) for added original beat drops/breaks (no samplers) in my mixes. Still have everything but the 909. Those were the dayz!!


Speaking of DJing I host a radio show and I take demos through a Discord I opened. If you want me to play your tracks send them there!


the closest ive been to djing is being in the background on a friend’s set xP


Ayy that’s awesome…btw which controller is that?


DDJ- WeGo4




I’m 12 so I don’t know why I’m on this thread yay