Does anyone DJ?


friend: (passes Aux cord) you better not play trash bro
me: don’t worry I got u fam

Auxy music starts playing

friend: whomstvedntve is this t r a s h? lemme play REAL music.

Gucci Gang starts playing

yeah, so I can’t DJ that well, although that’d be cool…


I just got a Poineer so I’m starting to learn how to DJ


That’s not actually DJing.


Yay! What Pioneer controller is it?


I know, it’s just sometimes I’d like to imagine it is :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not that easy to explain, but the main thing is being able to take your audience on a “Journey,” and being able to “Crowd Read.”

Taking your audience on a Journey means that you play songs that mean something, you should be able to tell a musical story through your music. A mix should contain ups and downs, happy and sad, slow and fast, and so on.

And, Crowd Reading has to do with looking at a crowd, and figuring out what songs to play. It’s a skill that takes a lot of time to obtain.

Lastly, yes, gear and transitions are kinda part of it, but it’s mostly the stuff I said.


Never done it before!

What’s it like?


It’s great. It’s the best feeling having a big crowd of people dancing to your mixes.



What was your biggest crowd?


Is that the WeGo 3 or 4?


i do but its only for myself with a free program
No one irl knows i mix or produce stuff except for like 3 people excluding my parents


Yes I’m DJ


DJ console and exclusive fidget spinner xD


I’ve been DJing for about 20 years now…

I don’t play out often anymore, but record shopping remains one of my absolute favourite things to do.


300-400 is my usual/biggest crowd.


Yeah! Reppin’ my OG DJs!

What do you play?


Now - Techno and occasionally Deep House.
Then - Jungle.


Nice, that’s a pretty big crowd! I usually play for 50-100 people, but I’ve done a set in a club for 500-600 people twice as well, that was so cool…


That was beautiful.
I’d love to do some Jungle, but I’m from the south of the US, and they aren’t so open minded. :sob: