Does anyone DJ?

friend: (passes Aux cord) you better not play trash bro
me: don’t worry I got u fam

Auxy music starts playing

friend: whomstvedntve is this t r a s h? lemme play REAL music.

Gucci Gang starts playing

yeah, so I can’t DJ that well, although that’d be cool…


I just got a Poineer so I’m starting to learn how to DJ

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That’s not actually DJing.

Yay! What Pioneer controller is it?

I know, it’s just sometimes I’d like to imagine it is :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not that easy to explain, but the main thing is being able to take your audience on a “Journey,” and being able to “Crowd Read.”

Taking your audience on a Journey means that you play songs that mean something, you should be able to tell a musical story through your music. A mix should contain ups and downs, happy and sad, slow and fast, and so on.

And, Crowd Reading has to do with looking at a crowd, and figuring out what songs to play. It’s a skill that takes a lot of time to obtain.

Lastly, yes, gear and transitions are kinda part of it, but it’s mostly the stuff I said.

Never done it before!

What’s it like?

It’s great. It’s the best feeling having a big crowd of people dancing to your mixes.

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What was your biggest crowd?

Is that the WeGo 3 or 4?

i do but its only for myself with a free program
No one irl knows i mix or produce stuff except for like 3 people excluding my parents

Yes I’m DJ

DJ console and exclusive fidget spinner xD

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I’ve been DJing for about 20 years now…

I don’t play out often anymore, but record shopping remains one of my absolute favourite things to do.


300-400 is my usual/biggest crowd.

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Yeah! Reppin’ my OG DJs!

What do you play?

Now - Techno and occasionally Deep House.
Then - Jungle.


Nice, that’s a pretty big crowd! I usually play for 50-100 people, but I’ve done a set in a club for 500-600 people twice as well, that was so cool…

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That was beautiful.
I’d love to do some Jungle, but I’m from the south of the US, and they aren’t so open minded. :sob: