Does anyone DJ?


I know this forum is just for Auxy production, but I would like to know if anyone DJs, and if so, what genres, and what gear?

I play House and Techno in my sets, and I use Traktor, with a few MIDI controllers


I started DJing about 1.5 years ago, so I’ve only done like 7 or 8 sets. This is just for student parties though, so nothing too special.
I mostly play house, but I always like to include a few moombahton and trap tracks as well.
I also use Traktor! (S2 I believe, but it’s not mine)

I'm playing a live set

Nice! Traktor is my favorite software because of all the MIDI mapping capabilities, which none others do.


I know @Kerfuffle has done some DJ stuff in the past, not sure how long ago it was but I am pretty sure he’s pretty familiar with it. I could be wrong though.


I actually was a dj before I was a producer. When I was about 11 or 12 I got my first controller, the Hercules Control Air. I now have that and the Pioneer DDJ WeGo 2. Yes I’m still on basic controllers lol, but my skill as a dj has improved greatly.


i play songs in my car for my friends
so my answer is no
but id like to


I make songs with Auxy and play them…is that considered DJ”ing”


I don’t, but I have a cousin who is a DJ


No, it’s not. It’s considered producing.

Production - Making music
DJing - Playing music

That explanation is kind of simple and It’s way more complicated than that, but that’s basically the gist of it.


Nice, keep up the work!


Does this count as well?




I used to. Like, I was a dj for like a month or two before I actually started making music. I always used to mix Flying Lotus’s songs.


Hahahaha! That for sure does not count!


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me! I usually play dubstep and riddim in some parties but not like A LOT haha


Geniunely curious: What’s the difference between throwing on a playlist yourself and being a dj?

Is it that they generally supply the sound equipment and create seamless transitions between songs? Or is there more to it?