Does anybody ever-?

Does anybody ever hear a song they like so much they try and write something like it and then for weeks just ignore the song you wrote because you feel like it’s a knock off but then you listen and it sounds completely different?


Usually I hear a song I like, try to write something like it and then for weeks spend every minute of the day trying to recreate that particular sound only for it to sound less and less like the song I like, until I end up with a horrible mess. :disappointed:

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If it turns out you’ve put your own spin on a sound that’s moved it away from the piece that inspired it, that’s a good thing. Push forward. :slight_smile:

Tbh, while it’s likely that it happens to me subconsciously, I don’t think I’ve ever ‘tried to write something that sounds like’ something I’ve heard and liked. I let the many things I like inspire me, but not lead me.

(I like a wide range of things and they all influence me in some way, so ‘I like to think that’ my stuff doesn’t sound like any one thing that’s inspired me.)

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