Do your friends irl listen to your music?


Thanks UwU


I send my friends my songs, and they sometimes listen. For when they do listen, they usually tell me my songs are good. But for the most part, many of my friends don’t know I make music.


relatable story bro


I know that feel

My other friends listen to my stuff too I guess but yeah


Same here.


What friends


No. Because I don’t have any friends I haven’t told them yet!

Btw, true story :sob: it’s a joke :joy:




Dammit I didn’t even notice.
@DHO Why tho


Because it’s true. I actually don’t have friends irl. :no_mouth:


Put your album into one of her Spotify playlists? :thinking:


She only uses Pandora so until I’m there I guess I’m outta luck! Lol


You could try hacking into their mainframe and disabling their algorithms


My friends don’t listen often my different production :frowning:
I need your help !
I need advice


Why? :thinking:


In all fairness that’s what I use too haha. I need a Spotify for dummies book