Do your friends irl listen to your music?


This persists :rofl:


That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard


Tell that to my best friend Connor who thinks he knows everything because he plays cello and listens to Bach


I know a bunch of people who think the same thing. Then there’s a guy who thinks my music is ‘bad’ because I’m not ‘professional aged’…


I remember someone trying to argue that a remix I did wasn’t really creative because I just took someone else’s stuff and changed a few things.
So I pointed out that literally all the songs they play on piano are covers of other people’s composition and they’re supposed to learn how to play those perfectly and how much less creative that is lol


One of my old high school teachers emailed me one day asking if I can make a track for the school news they have. So now the whole school listens to my music without even knowing it’s me. Does that count?

Also, my old physics teacher follows me on SC and listens to my music. He asked if I did everything on my phone. I said yes and he replied with “there’s got to be an easier way.” I’m guessing he knows writing music on a phone is pretty limiting sometimes.

There was a teacher I knew that also likes my Synthwave. He’s been along with other teachers while I would write music. They all said that it’s amazing how I could write full length songs on my own.


My gf is my #1 fan


Aw. That’s so sweet


that’s an interesting story haha!


There’s always those haters. But just leave them out and if they’re jerks they ain’t gonna get anywhere in life. Believing in yourself is the key, and it shouldn’t matter if others say mean things or just don’t support you. On the contrary, embrace those who truly appreciate and understand what you do and why it makes you happy.


Agree. You should be your #1 fan!


Sorry for the long read xd
I tend to ramble on about stuff.


No problem at all. Was fun to read your story.


DAMNNN dis a good deal


Lmao wut


Thanks for reading my stories


Of course, anytime.


Cool stuff on soundcloud too!


Thanks! What’s your favorite track you’ve heard so far? I’m checking out some of your tracks and I’m loving them!


Night Club Showdown is pretty cool man :slight_smile: