Do your friends irl listen to your music?


They always ask “where the hekk are the vocals”




Well streaming fraud is usually only detected if you play it a bunch in a short period of time, which means you have to listen to it on repeat for over 3 hours (making up stats here, cause spotify never gives any specifics) for it to count


Half of my friends don’t even know what SoundCloud is :joy::joy::joy:
I only show my music to my closest friends and my family otherwise I remain in the shadows




This comment still makes me angery


FWIW I put my last EP on my wife’s phone and she has yet to listen to it lol. Sooooo yeah.


Lol nice


I only really have a few close friends that I would be close enough to share my music with, however, I don’t think they’re really interested in EDM or trap, or any music really related to that. Then again, my music has only just started to become decent, so maybe I could share my sc or something with people at school. Idk. The nice thing is though, my best friend has listened to some of my unfinished projects over the past year or so and she thinks I’ve gotten better, although she’s not super interested exactly in the genres I make.


only if they fond out from someone else, i wouldn’t tell them myself.


Update, my friends still don’t listen to my music


I only just started getting good too


Okay wth it happened again :joy:


I tried to show them but they insisted on playing galantis and ariana grande


Most of my classmates / closer friends know that I make music, but not everyone listens to it.

The people who do listen like it for the most part, a couple of them asked if I could produce vocal tracks for them since they sing (NO EXPERIENCE WITH THAT BUT uhhhh I can try, I guess).


yooooo a stereofield song with vocals on it would be amazing, try working with a vocalist and just remember to not make the instrumental super complex since vocals are layered on top of it


a few of my friends listen to my music and they say it’s good, but i only send it to like 3 of my friends tho because they have really good taste in music


Yeah, that’s one of the basic differences between vocal & instrumental production


No, they don’t, and in all honesty, that’s okay with me. Most people I know don’t really like the kind of music I make, and the people that do listen to it ask a lot of questions about my production process and SoundCloud account to the point that it gets kind of annoying and personal.


I have friends who are hard core supporters, and friends that think that because its electronic and on my phone, its not real music/lacks “true melody” (because of loops) and its a constant struggle to see which is which…