Do your friends irl listen to your music?


It depends


Hahaha me too! They used to listen to them at the start but now they just leave them. That’s why my veiws are going down. :joy: :sob:


Yeah, one of my friends thinks the app I use is one of those cheap “beat makers” that you just turn on and off loops. I’ve shown him, but he is still stubborn, and it really peeves my pets.

On the topic of the thread:
I only have 2 friends that know I make edm, and they seem to enjoy it pretty well. All of my other friends know that I make hip-hop beats, though, but I don’t talk to them about it too much.


I send finished tracks to them before I send them to anyone else.

I don’t quite know if they like my beats or are just saying that so they don’t hurt my feelings. I don’t think I want to know.

I kinda like my beats, though, so whatever. I just want to have fun when making music.


Tbh I’m not really sure if most of my irl friends understand why someone would make music without words.


OMG SAME IT IS SO ANNOYING. I was playing my music in the car on the way back from school and my twin and my friend were in the back and they both said that they didn’t like ANY music that had no vocals and that otherwise it wasn’t a proper song. They both say my music is trash anyway so lol.

I played them @NotMiles’s music and their faces when they heard the weirdness! (In a very good way, I love your music so much it is weird but in a good way.) :smile:


My cousin likes it (she’s my top listener :stuck_out_tongue:) and my piano teacher likes it too, but for the most part, not many people know I make music.


tru luv


Some of my friends do, but most don’t even know. The ones who do are supportive tho, so thats nice. I figure if (hopefully when) I get bigger and better, I’ll start posting links on my snap and stuff so everyone I know can listen


n o


Does not compute…


I guess anything Bach or Mozart wrote doesn’t count as actual music…


I guess not… :joy:




I salute you back @ezA


Seems, ALOT of us are living a separate, veiled musical identity; …including me! Nice to see, I’m not alone.

Since, statistically, we lose half our friends, every 7-8yrs or so; it’s a stat I don’t lose sleep over. LOL!

My older sis digs most, but she (like MANY!) need their vocal hook/riffs in their heads all day. So it’s short lived. :frowning: …my girlfriend actually loves what I throw at her, …she must be nuts! :crazy_face::nerd_face:

Short story, long; The few friends with car audio (or other) that thumps, LOVE IT! But most others say the usual…”when ya gonna get someone to rap or sing on this shii?” DOH!


I think I’ve only produced two tracks to which I’ve added vocals. I recorded both sessions in a cupboard on my phone using a free 4-track studio.

Here’s my first. This one was before I got any soundpacks.

Here’s the other. Both sessions were recorded without cuts, so if I messed up, I had to restart.

These are both rap tracks. I don’t quite know how to process vocals, nor do I actually have the equipment for it. Great times.

(Extra note: they suck.)


NJust my opinion… As soon as I hear vocals that are not 100% I can’t recover. I then think this that is amateur stuff. Probably most people would agree. So while people are asking for vocals, I don’t think it is the thing to do unless you can really sing or rap. Or know someone who can. Friends not into any kind of music scene will focus only on the vocals.

Edit: NOT judging anyone ‘s music here


I hate how true this is


My goal is to get to the point where they do