Do your friends irl listen to your music?


Yeah a decent amount of them know I make music. Even got my brother and a close friend to get Auxy and upload songs and stuff :grin:


This thread reminded me that I need to spam my friends with links to my new song


Yeah they all know about it and think it’s awesome but EDM is not their cup of tea

They prefer rap


Also they keep asking me to make trap remixes of certain memes :laughing:


This question cuts too close. :confused:
Some people who know (including people in my family) couldn’t care less about the actual music, but they know it makes me happy.
There are people who genuinely like it (who don’t know its an app)
And others who give me the whole - its pretty good for a phone.

But most of the people who seem to like it do so anonymously. I know lots of people. 99.9% of them don’t listen or even know.


This really grinds my gears


Some close friends know, but I’m trying to build up my profile a little

plis gibb foloe nnd liecs


My sister is my biggest fan that I know irl


About my cakeday- I literally wished for good luck with music production for my 14th birthday :sunglasses:


Ask and you shall receive


A few of them do, and they like it :joy: None of them have SoundCloud but they do have iPhones, so they just search up mah stuff on Apple Music. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday @Coral :wink:


My brother for me lol


i am told that the cross country team bops to blackocean.


hmMM is he ur BREND


I don’t have any irl friends. I just moved to Hawaii, and I still haven’t found anyone who listens to EDM. All anyone ever listens to now is Hip Hop! I’m not a fan of Hip Hop, nor will I ever be. So this post was almost entirely useless.


Yeah, it’s kind of a bullsh :poop:thing to say. Depending on what genre you’re writing iOS more than covers what you really need. My 2 pence…


I’m still thrown off by your name being northeast but you are in Hawaii. So like northeast Hawaii?


Thing is that most people don’t know how music is really produced. They have no frame of reference. By showing that’s it on your phone is too much behind the curtain. No one says, thanks for liking my song, but let me show you what it looks like on Ableton.

My usual response if they give me grief and I care about their opinion is that it’s not just turning on and off premade loops. I programmed every single note and how they sound. I just like to do that while I’m mobile so I use an app where o can do that. And that is the truth.

If they don’t like the way it sounds, that’s fair too, but a different comment altogether.


SO True, they may say hmm cool, but thats about it… They just dont give you the kind of feedback your looking, doesnt have to be positive, but they cant make it constructive, unless they too make music… guess i just need to work harder to expand my audience :nerd_face::nerd_face::wink::wink::wink::wink:


My friends like stuff like Gucci Gang. So nope. And then my other friends, idk what they like, but it’s not what I make.