Do your friends irl listen to your music?

  • Yes
  • No

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Just wondering. Some of my friends do but for the most part I keep to myself about it.


What friends? :joy::sunglasses:




None of my friends actually know I make music


Same. In passing people have approached me at work but very few and far between over the almost ten years I’ve been there lol.

I usually hear “Pretty cool for a phone” lol


Yes, but only like 5-6 of my friends even know that I make music. Very rarely do they tap the SoundCloud links I send them. Most of my friends don’t even know that I make music (or even what music I like to listen to)


My brother listens to it. Does that count?


This is why I only share music in this community lol


Only when I make them listen to it.

At least they try to act like they like it :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a friend who really likes auxy, but he has an old iPad mini so he can’t get auxy on it :sob:. He said hopefully he will get an iPhone soon and be able to use auxy then. He’s the only friend who listens to my music.


Here’s the full story- I only show really close friends my SoundCloud. And for the most part all of them think it’s cool. But one time it turned into them blasting it class saying “Yo check out Addison’s music!” So I’m way more loose about it.


I played a thing for a friend as a joke and now he constantly brings up my “dank beats.”


I don’t really know that many people in real life, but maybe when I have some more music I’ll try to show some of them in the future! :smile:


My friend now seems to have a much better opinion of me after I showed him so that’s pretty cool.


I’m sure if I showed anyone your music in real life they’d run away screaming ;3

Jk but seriously though most people on my campus listen to rap or Christian pop music. Anything remotely electronic would probably scare them xD And I love your music @Produk. I just don’t like the dukwubs <3

I show my GF my music and stuff, she likes it at the very least. Anyone else though, I don’t really show others it, for the same reason as above xD


I don’t have any friends
I’m actually serious @Coral


I’m too insecure about my music lol


Nope. I’ve shared it (rarely) but none of them really are into EDM


I wish…


Haven’t really told anyone…