Do you need vocals? - Hexx


I’ve been going through some difficult times this past while. Last year was one of my worst for sure, and I know the year is still young, so it might be way better in the future. Thanks to the supportive community that is Auxy, I have had much help over coming my struggles, but enough of that. I’m sure you’re here because of the title

Yes! Vocals are back in buisiness at no charge as of now. DM me with your instrumentals, and I’ll get to them when I can. I will post the list of people as it comes. If you wish to skip the queue, a mere $5 will make you priority. And again, thanks so much for the emotional support!!

1: @ST3R30
2: @TribalSoul
3: @GreyOldTwit
4: @Mr_Mooo

~ Hexx


2018, apperantly, was a bad year for many artists here, myself included. I’m glad to hear that you got over your problems! If only the same could be said for me! :sweat_smile:
Welcome back to the community!


ayyy welcome back.

i might actually see if i can make a track which could have vocals on, but i’ve never done it before and i’m not sure how to make an instrumental. how much should be going on so it doesn’t drown out the vocals?


I made a song with JUST enough variety but not enough to drown out vocals! @Hexx sang on it! Check it out and maybe get inspired? :man_shrugging:


Basically melody=delete it


Just send what you got. I’ll arrange what I need to fit the vocals. Keep the melody is thats how you want it to be sung


Thanks man! Much love


No problem. We all have our ups and downs.


I just made a short thing (it’s obviously not finished yet as it sounds trash and it’s like a minute and a half long) but if I sent it to you would you be able to say if I’m on the right track or not to make a decent instrumental track which can have vocals with it?


Send what you got. I can handle whatever. Maybe send as an axp so I can edit anything I need to make room for vocals


Do you like convert to audacity?


It’s not ready for vocals yet so I’ll just send a private Soundcloud link :slight_smile:

here’s what i made so far
am i on the right path?


Maybe slow it down a tad. Otherwise I could probably work with it


Yeah. And I’m starting to mix with FL


Sorry to hear that bro but I’m glad things are going well again! I’ve been thinking about getting vocals on a song soon. I’ll dm you maybe in like a week or 2 about this. Again, glad things are going well! 2018 was rough indeed :sleepy:


Wait a minute do you do like your own lyrics or something


I can do lyrics too, yes


Ok I’ve made a track for when it comes round to me :slight_smile:
Shall I PM it to you?