Do you need Male Vocals?

Ya boi Hexx is back at it with vocals!

Lyrics are not required. I can provide them.

I shall mix as well, however, I am still practicing mixing so bear with me.

Ask to be added to the list. If I do not get a project within 24 Hours, I shall not sing for you until you send another request

Examples of songs I’ve sung.

$1 to skip passed people who haven’t already paid $1

Requests = OPEN


What’s the track?

I do sing, but not to everything.

Pretty sure he’s saying that he can provide vocals for people

Call me stupid, but I’m a bit confused how you would be able to import vocals into a wav file???

That makes more sense.
I was very confused.

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Assuming Hexx is doing the mixing, he’d probably not import them directly to Auxy. People generally use other apps like GarageBand for that kind of thing.

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I’ll mix on a different DAW.

So if there’s a song I might want vocals for, should I just message you?

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Noone else?