Do you need a Title?

Do you have a song or track that needs a title, but you can’t think one? Do you have a song that already has a title, but it just doesn’t fit the song, or just isn’t interesting enough? Do you have an album with songs that have names, but you need a title for the album? Do you have a song that is in an album that has a good name, and in an album that already has songs that have great titles, but you can’t think of a good title that fits the theme?

If so, I’m your guy!

If you need a title, send me your project or soundcloud link, and I will come up with the best title that suits your song. And the best part about it? It’s completely free!

Titles are the first impression of every song. No one wants to listen to a song called _project-1657392_or untitled , and nobody will find your song if it has a common name, which is why you need the best title if you want people to listen to it.

I will not rest until you are satisfied, sending you the best title names ever thought of until you are happy.

Don’t waste any of your brain power trying to come up with the perfect title, save it for writing songs, and leave the title to me; Or anyone else! If you have a title you want to suggest, post it here.

-Jax title co.

(P.S. this is kinda a joke, but if you would like me to come up with a title, I will be more than happy to!
P.P.S. if you have a title name you want to suggest, post it here.)


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