Do you have ideas for Auxy 7?

22 minutes later…


Done & done.


Sorry it took that long. But it was worth it.

Now THAT is a remix. Nice, bud!

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Thank you

Did you know that the drums I used were from XLXK & mvtt? Well I used them all the time

And I love it. Can I upload the remix?

What did you say?

My ideas:
-New Sound Settings: Vibrato, Compress, Sustain, Flanger, Phaser, Fuzz, Gating, Wah-Wah

-Sound Settings and tempo are now automatable

-Color palette for custom colors

-Copy/Paste samples between drum kits

-Automate compress (for drums)

-8 new sound packs: Future Bass Madness, Ultimately Heavy Metal, Marching Band, Massive EDM (7 Skies), Delirious Dubstep, The Stuff For Trap, Neurofunky, and Casio Instrument Pack

-15 New Drum Presets

-36 new original sounds

-Add up to 25 instruments

-Instruments can now be categorized all together in alphabetical order

-Sample lengths can now be 30 seconds long

-1/64 and 1/48 notes can now be added

-¼ bar is now a possible scene length (note that changing the length to this will clear the active loop in an instrument)

-Option to show release or reverb duration lines of a note

-Empty Kit has been re-unlocked for free users

-Minimum Tempo has been decreased to 30 BPM

-Sounds are now previewed when tweaking distortion or chorus

-Each sample can now have it’s own automation loops

-Now possible to solo/mute multiple instruments

-Selecting Instruments will now play the sound with set tweaks


All i want is undo function

And advanced automation like pan control for drums, tempo, and swing automation


You are amazing at ideas my dude

Go for it :+1:

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But wait didn’t you forget about Advanced EQ & New drums packs? And I need only 2 just like before Auxy said here in this pic:

He said there were two new sound packs. Disturbing Leads & Sweet Pads. And we need two again. But this time imma choose thanks to your glorious idea. I love trap so much (no really legit I’m serious look here: so I’m taking The Stuff For Trap & Casio Instrument Pack. I think that the Casio Instrument Pack has some free samples for the empty kit I guess. And the one sound setting you might’ve forgot was “Wub”. I’m not agitating you or anyone here. Just being honest. Now the next idea is new copyrighted projects by famous people on SoundCloud who uses Auxy a lot. Thanks.

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I think you need a little bit more time on your ideas. But it’s good.

Updated the remix. & today I might have to upload it

But why? So people can “remix” them instead of creating their own works?


It’s not about that. You have to find only 4 songs from SoundCloud from many Auxy people like Mr. Anderson,Phluze,aUstin Haga or anything like that. That’s why I said this at the end. And I totally mean it like really.

Oh and also find 1 perfect song in SoundCloud that lemberg perfectly will put in the new Auxy intro. Let Auxy make their own intros. I was wrong from before.

But what does it add to the app to have even more demos? I’m just confused about that part

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When Auxy 6 came out, the demo is perfect to show us new controls & everything I guess.