Do you have ideas for Auxy 7?

And also you’re right. I doubt they’d drop everything and use it. Thank you for your advice.

No, thank you for your advice. I went and made a demo myself. It’s more for Auxy 8 though. Here it is:

Also you’re free to use it in an album if you want idk

Thanks for the song but I definitely need to make a real Auxy 7 demo

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Also have you checked your discord friend requests?

Take this with a grain of salt, but you could also work with whatever version of the app we have now and make your own music, even if the demo sounds aren’t what you want them to be. Everyone has to start somewhere, and that to me seems like a great place to start, even better than making a demo track.


Wow some advice again definitely hits the top

I know

Did you say yeah there’s nothing there?

Then why did you delete the comment?

This is the single greatest Auxy track that has ever been created


I know right?

Dadmother bro

I finished the remix sounds & drums

I’d love to hear it

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Yeah right

Even if I didn’t sincerely want to hear it (which obviously I do), I am the original artist, therefore I should probably get to


Well I haven’t finished yet so let me do a demo or like a final result.

And I will post the link in like 10 minutes please

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22 minutes later…


Done & done.