Do you have ideas for Auxy 7?

If you have ideas for Auxy 7 like new demo sounds,new copyrighted projects or anything you like to bring as a idea for Auxy 7, then this is the right topic on where you will place your mind changing ideas for Auxy 7. Good luck on your ideas.

Also please make your own Auxy 7 intro so that lenberg can choose one of the demos you made here. And also put SoundCloud links for the new copyrighted projects from any person who uses Auxy and got popular & then again lenberg will listen to it and then remake it and then make it to the new copyrighted projects for auxy 7. Thanks & have a blessed time. May Allah Bless you all!!!


The new demo sounds should be Azid,Grit,Breath,8080,Helix,Empty Kit,Sweeper,Crude,Tax,Ghost,Good Vibes,Bass Zone,Cello Staccato & Jelly. (Favorite sounds I use in some of my songs.) Yours? Also half the samples should be from transcendent trap 2 & original drums (you know why.) Because when we get the Empty Kit back for free on Auxy 7,we should have these samples to master up our demo game.

(This was only just an example) (you can type your favorite sounds & drums for Auxy 7 now!)

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Isn’t the point of the demo sounds to get people to buy the full version, though? So the ones we have now should suffice. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure Lemberg once said that he doesn’t want people to be using the free version for meaningful production, and it’s more to give a taste of Auxy Pro so hopefully people will pay to upgrade, which allows him enough money to keep working on the app and get the bills paid


True I know

So what’s your most all time favorite sounds & drums you wanted In the new demo sounds for Auxy 7.

Also you should be making a Auxy 7 intro right now. Because if lemberg saw this topic and went through all the hard work we are making for auxy 7,then one of our custom demos will be in auxy 7. You think?

Wait say what again?

What the heck?!

I’m an idiot. Why in the world have I never noticed that. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

No, I don’t think I will


Come on are you kidding me? This topic is all about ideas for Auxy 7 duh

And even join my discord server

If you don’t want to then fine. I would do my own that I would be the one to show Lemberg my custom Auxy 7 intro if I could do it

But they don’t make new intros for every update, they outsource the intro making to a different group of producers or make them themselves, so even if I went about making an intro instead of producing the rather enjoyable song I’m working on now, I doubt they’d drop everything and use it

🤦🏼 This is exactly why I made this topic

And just that when this is finished everyone will see the truth if they dared.

I know, but the developers don’t check here very much and likely won’t listen to just one person’s idea. I don’t really like the mentality of “that’s how it is” but it seems to apply here


Woah ok


Ok indeed

Look I’m new here and I just can’t stop getting ideas on my mind