DJLR - Until Tomorrow (Prog House)

Hey guys, I’ve been really inactive lately, and I’ll be posting further news about my inactivity later on in the month.

But for now, here’s some progressive House.

Ps, this was supposed to be finsihed a few weeks ago but I purposely didn’t do anything to it.


I’ll listen to it tomorrow :ok_hand:

still loving your stuff. no problems with inactivity here. we all go through our booms and busts.

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Thanks buddy, and yeah but as of this month there will be major news to come.


Wow, nice intro. The pad in the beginning was a little too basic, but damn your arps and synths are just on point and overall pleasing to the ears. Basic, but nice drums. Wow, that breakdown was nice with the piano. Oooohh that build up was smooth and had a very nice riser. Ah, classic fill before the hook. I love how you don’t just have one lead, but different ones acting like each other. It just sounds really nice. Nice second build up! That sounded perfect with the drums coming in. It blended in nicely progressing towards that hook. Wow I love that bouncy bass hook. That outro was perfect. Just an overall masterpiece. Those snare fills bring back memories lol

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Thanks didn’t all the positive comments! And yes, I agree that the pad was basic, but I wasn’t sure on how to implement it better itI The song. It wasn’t my main focus but yes I agree. Thanks for all that tho

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No prob

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