DJLR - Polaris [Prog House]

After almost 2 weeks of hard work. I present to you Polaris.

A very progressive track with a space vibed introduction.


Really cool
But it’s not really progressive house
Idk the sub genre of it but it’s definitely House.

Progressive house is like Martin Garrix song Pizza or Poisin

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It’s 100% progressive House. There’s a lot of progression and supsense. Martin garrix is not progressive House he’s electro house and bigroom house. Completely different.

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Nice track!

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Thanks mate. I’m quite proud of it. I spent nearly 2 weeks on it


Well not exactly
Big room house uses distorted kicks and catchy synth melodies

Progressive house is synth chords with the ducker on each beat and a 4 on the floor dance beat.

Still a really cools song tho

Sidechain and synthed chords doesn’t Define a progressive House song. Besides almost every song these days have synthed chords. Yes, Martin garrix has made some progressive House tracks which I havnt heard. But he’s known for his bigroom house such as: wizard, animals, helicopter etc.

Progressive House has slow progressions and can have a long suspense or buildup to finally finish with a climax. Deadmau5 is a perfect example for progressive House.

Inconclusion, this song is 100% progressive House

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Animals is bigroom house

Listen to his song pizza
That’s progressive hose

Your song has progressive house elements
But the drop is not a progressive house drop

Yes I believe you its progressive House. I know he makes progressive House aswell. But my song is progressive House. You could say it has more electro house in the drop but it doesn’t matter. It’s still a progressive House song.

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