DJLR - Polaris (EDIT)

Sorry if I’m hogging the feed. Just thought I’d share the edited version of Polaris which gets straight to the point and doesn’t lose interest.

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Don’t worry your not hogging the feed.

Eyyy classic house intro!
Very nice piano! This sounds very nice! I like the bass, and the progression. This sounds very professional, too!

Ooh nice synths! This is definitely progressive house. Wow. I like the notes you used. Very cool drums, too. Awesome :ok_hand:

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Thanks man! I think it’s much better than the original

It was too long and idk. I think the EDIT version is much better, more intriguing and gets to the point much easier and is structured a bit better I guess.

And yeah I used 2 drums. One for the intro, verse and outro which was softer and the more powerful one for the drop.

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I think it is, as well

I’m glad you liked it :). Altogether I’ve worked on this song for 2 weeks

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