DJ La Rocca - Trapped [Trap]

Hey guys! Havnt made a son for a while since pulverise. Here’s my next masterpiece! I’ve come back to make some trap :wink: tell me how I did? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m all over Trap, I’ll listen to this when I get the chance.
(Btw Pulverize was awesome)

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Thanks! I guarantee you this is more awesome!

Seems trap is going through a similar schism as Dubstep did, where the EDM off-shoot is becoming the main style under that genre title.

This track and the material you’d typically hear on TrapNation doesn’t bare much resemblance to the moody, raw, slow, Southern US hip-hop where it started stylistically.

Side-thought: Would this be classed as ‘EDM Trap’, rather than simply Trap?
(If so, wouldn’t that be the more appropriate genre tag, to distinguish it from the hip-hop, Fetty Wap et al style?)


I didn’t know there was a difference tbh

I’ve noticed that a lot of trap nations “trap” is actually future bass


This is fire
I love this sooo much
It sounds so professional, like I would actually hear this on trap nation.
I really love this.
I will repost it. Wow

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Indeedly. Largely difference audiences compared to something like Desiigner’s Panda, Future’s Mask Off or UK/USA Drill.

TrapCity seems to be keeping it to the original Trap, whereas TrapNation seems to be taking the instrumental ‘EDM Trap’ route.


Wow thanks man! Your a legend

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I guess that’s better tho coz I guess future bass and all those genres do fall under Trap a little or songs are debated to be future bass or trap coz they have very similar elements. This song was actually originally supposed to be future bass but through making it it turned into trap

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it turned into trap

EDM Trap.

It’s maybe worth clarifying in the genre tag (especially on SC).
You might attract the wrong kind of listener (hip-hop) and fail to attract the right kind of listener (EDM).

Too many skips/too few complete plays can impact how much your SC material gets promoted by the algorithms.

Just a thought.

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Thanks I’ll go change it

More like future bass. I absolutely love these chords and melodies! Very cool intro! Build up flowed well.

That drop was really awesome. I’m a man of many leads, but i got to say this lead was siiicckk

I love the bass on that piano after the drop…it was so awesome!
Let me guess the bass was pepper

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Pepper was only 1 of 3 basses :wink:

Also thank you very much. Did u notice after the second drop I added a change of style?

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Yeah :smiley:

I absolutely love this regardless of what genre it is. Everything is sick, the drums, the melodies, the chords, the bass all faultless. Well done sir.

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Thanks man! It was all finished within 1 day

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Incredible, it takes me ages to finish a track lol. Any more releases soon?

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Yeah, I was blank for 2 weeks and then this came to me.

I actually was supposed to post another one instead of this and it’s like 90% complete but I’m not sure if I should post it :/. Not really happy with it. It’s progressive house

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Can we have a preview?