DJ La Rocca - Reaching For You [DnB]

Hey guys been working on this track for a few days now. I fell in love with the chord progression I used. So here it is:

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Piano chords are super nice. It feels a little vanilla to me, I don’t really know how else to explain. Maybe more could be done drum wise, it’s giving off a more two-step vibe right now (which is ok, I guess I just went in with different expectations).

At 2:54 where you start to strip everything down it actually grabbed my interest because it was a nice tension release. But then that was the end of the track pretty much :frowning:

As always, your piano chord work does not disappoint :slight_smile: I just feel like maybe other parts of the track could have more texture or variance.

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Hey! Thanks for your feedback. Yeah I guess with this track I didn’t know 100% where to go or take the track… disappointing but I spent a few days on it. Hopefully in my next DnB track I improve with my mistakes!

What do u mean more could be done drum wise?

What does vanilla mean btw?

Always glad to see some D&B here on the disco!

My thoughts mostly mirror those of @iammane

I’ll also add that I didn’t think vocal lead and synth bits felt like they suited the track… A bit too EDM.
Piano was on point though.


Just to fill in the gaps. You’ve got kick, snare. Kicksnare. But there’s so many things you can fill in all those other blank notes, and I don’t just mean high hats. Sometimes shifting the kick or snare up two notes in that two step pattern (not every bar) helps a lot. Get some rolls in there with soft 32nd notes.

Usually what I do is program a 16 note drum loop first. Then expand to 2 bars. The second bar gets totally modified. Then I’ll expand to four bars and make sure the 4th bar is different from the 1st and 2nd. If the 1st and 3rd match it’s not a deal breaker but it depends on the track.

By vanilla I mean generic I guess? But, that’s subjective… I’m more of a textural sound guy. A song could literally have NO melodic substance but if it’s sonically interesting to listen to, that’s what grinds my gears. It’s just my opinion really so take with a grain (or larger) of salt.

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Hmm I guess you are right. But aye, we will never get better without making mistakes.

Also I’m still fairly new to making DnB. So I still need more practice

Cheers for the feedback though

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Okay well thank you! And yeah with the drums I usually fill it in with like claves and other percussion’s. But the artists I listen to don’t always use it so I didn’t feel as if it was “essential”

I’d be super keen to hear who you’re listening to…?
It’s quite a broad genre these days.

Also I kinda disagree to the vocal thing. Because one of my favourite dnb tracks “melano - on fire” uses vocal chops as the lead so I don’t really have a problem with it

These are my main DnB artists I like. Aswell as
Feint and many other small and large artists

I generally follow something like this:

Man I’m still stuck in the early 2000’s here lol…



I had a listen to the track and I can see where you were going…
I still kinda feel like the Melano track uses a more ‘old school’ style of vox chops though.

Kind of a liquid funk vibe.

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Yeah I’m not all out for the hard dnb. I prefer “melodic uplifting” dnb rather than hard dnb. Although I like both.

I have a playlist on my Soundcloud for many dnb tracks like this but it’s private. If u like I can make it public to u so u can have a listen? Up to u tho

I’ve never been too big on the heavy stuff.

And clearly I’m getting old :sob: because I hadn’t heard any of the artists you listed, so take my advice with another grain (or larger) of salt.


Yeah me neither. Although something can be “heavy” but be melodic and uplifting aswell.

And yeah there are many artists which I listen to whom I have inspiration for