DJ La Rocca - Andromeda (Ft Eswyn) [Trance]

Hey guys here’s my 3rd trance song! Big thanks to @Eswyn who helped create the second piano melody which occurs in the second break.

Hope you are enjoying my trance :slight_smile:
Feedback is always welcome/appreciated.


I love how you incorporated the piano! It’s teally nice at the end too! It’s kinda cool to see how much the whole hung evolved! Nice work!

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Yeah I’m quite happy with it. I’m already working on another song. Instead of “uplifting” I’m trying “psy” trance now. Thanks for the help with this track tho. In the future I’d be happy to do something similar.

But thanks for the piano. It really helped the track and I was able to change it even more towards the end

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No problem! I’m excited to hear your style evolve!

Liked and left a comment :smile:

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Yes I seen! Thank you

I was looking forward to this one :D.

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Glad you enjoyed