DJ-ing Tips?

Okay guys, so I’m filling in for this talent portion for a school activity, and it so happens that I’ve been chosen to do the dj-ing. My only problem is that I don’t really know how to make a good set. Also, I wanna try and use Auxy songs in it so… help me organize and what not.

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My best tip for djing is to have smooth transitions. Nothing is more jarring than a choppy transition from one song to the next. So either fade one track out and another one in, or better yet bring the bass line out of one song and fade the new bass line in.

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Try to mix songs which have similar vibes, and try to stick to a certain BPM for at least a few songs; for example, don’t jump back and forth between 80 and 128 BPM, but gradually decrease or increase the BPM by finding songs which are in between those 2 BPM values. Make your set a journey so to speak. This is for better mixing, and this is also good for the atmoshpere in the crowd.