Distortion overrides slow attack?

Anyone noticed that various distortion settings, such as Knee on Clip distortion or Crush on Bitcrush distortion have the effect of overriding slow Attack settings — i.e. as Knee or Crush levels increase, a slow Attack setting is gradually reduced to short/0.

Is there a reason for this that I’m missing — technical limitation, sound design decision, sound design oversight (e.g. effects chain order) or bug?

I never really use the Attack feature (except to remove clicking), so idk

It doesn’t override it but distortion is, by definition, distorting the input/output level ratio. In practice, this means it will amplify your weak signals and thus mess up the fade in.

Is that something that might be adjusted towards expected behaviour by order of the FX?

Is the Attack wave envelope or amplitude envelope?

If wave, then I guess nothing to be done, but if amplitude envelope… maybe?

Not exactly sure what you mean, but we’re not moving the amp envelope to post distortion.

The current arrangement does produce an outcome that’s intuitively sub-optimal in that it’s not possible to have a slow attack instrument with high levels of distortion — though the combination works as expected in other synth apps that I checked.

Maybe the ability for users to customise the FX chain order (per instrument) — including Amp Envelope — would be a good candidate for a future upgrade/enhancement? It would help improve Auxy’s sound design capabilities. :+1:

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