Disperse (V.I.P)

Alright, is it recording? I think it is. Hey guys & @INDIR3CT fans!

I decided to make a V.I.P version of my friends latin-trap beat: Disperse. I keep listening that song over & over again & I can’t get over the possessed vibes in it.

So to make it harder, I made the V.I.P version already & uploaded it on SC! https://soundcloud.com/tryhard_josh_13/disperse-v-i-p-prod-imtrapjosh

I did give all the credit to @INDIR3CT & placed the original link because he’s a great trap maker than me. We’re both the same type but with different ideas & possible samples (if you know what I mean).

Also big announcement. This Tuesday, I’ll be FINALLY releasing my very first album: hanger. It’s got 4 songs inspired by Kyle Beats, Alasen, Cymatics & some more!

I gtg now! I’ll see you soon! May Allah Bless you all!!!

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Now it’s uploaded in YT! Go check it out!


Oh hey I know this song…