Discolor - LimeZ & ______ - [Collab, Project]

If anybody wants to collab, just ask and I might just let you.

https://app.auxy.co/projects/jXCkq0x9OoMw7FJxt_c7ug== (Don’t tap if you aren’t the one I select)

Hey I’d like to do a collab

Maybe… I just… don’t know you all too much. I don’t know your style or anything.

Yeah I was wondering about that. I did the Beat the Clock #22 challenge. Do you want the SoundCloud link?

No, it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:

(I have to sleep so gtg)

I could collab? My soundcloud is in my profile :slight_smile:

I got you fam
(If you want to @LimeZ)

We could go again?

I will go with… @Phoenix.

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This sounds more like a vs thing then a colab thing. No thank you