Diciembre - Mr Mooo (OSEM) [Experimental]

OSEM is finally over.

I’m not very proud of this track at all. I was hoping to make it more Christmassy but I failed. At least it’s uploaded.


(try to) Enjoy!

Album getting released this afternoon (NZ time)

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Edit: Nice track. I like the drum pattern. Maybe add some lower bass to complement with the low freqs of the kick drum (to fill up the mix better). Good job :+1:

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merry new year

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I’m blaming that on google translate lol


Also thanks for the feedback!

I was wrong, blame my Spanish teacher

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I don’t even take spanish and i know diciembre is right lmao

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You’re right. It would take a really dumb person like me to get it wrong!

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Huh I was taught Deciembre as well

Maybe it’s the dialects?

EDIT: nvm

It used to be correct but no mo

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