Diamond 2001 Album

Here’s the first song reveal for my upcoming weirdish album. It doesn’t necessarily focus on one genre of music, rather I just worked with whatever sounded catchy or experimental. Also feedback is much appreciated!


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No soundcloud? Love that you are marketing yourself in a different way though.

As far as the track, reminds me of some Orb type stuff, sounds like it could be made with a synth and a moog. Cool little drum beat and the beep sound melody I love that does weird key changes and is all over the place really feeds in to my adhd and dyslexic side of my appreciation.

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Ps why 2001?Don’t tell me you’ve been working on the album since then…Or please do because that would be epic commitment

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That’s actually just my birth year, I’ve only been working on this for a few months now lol. And as for the reason why it’s there? It’s a name from a REALLY old Auxy song I made and I liked the ring of it.

Also thank you for the previous comment, really made my day!