Design your own sounds in Auxy

@Auxy Is it ok if you could update Auxy with an ability to design sounds, not an Auxy way but the FL Studio way of sound designs? When I watched FL Studio videos on YouTube with sound designs, I found it very satisfying and fascinating. I really wish to do those things in Auxy, but sadly, they don’t have it. I tried to share the image of FL Studio sound designs but it didn’t work. :slightly_frowning_face: So if you feel like updating Auxy with those type of sound designs, please do so, that would mean a lot to me. :slight_smile:


I’d love to see a little more control given, but I doubt they’ll go full DAW.

Why not just use FL Studio Mobile?


Doubt it’ll happen any time soon. Atm it’s not in their sight range or goals they have for the app. They’re trying to create an app that can do a lot, without compromising simplicity.

As it stands, adding sound design features would probably complicate things more than they would be of benefit (and potentially make the addition of other sounds worthless if u can just create them yourself)

By that logic, adding support for sample import should have severely damaged Auxy’s revenue model.

I’m guessing it didn’t.


without compromising simplicity

The old vs new way of presenting the scene length and offset suggests they’re not really sticking to that principle.

Throw in the fact that there are four different UX patterns used in the app for moving things about…


not rly because they strictly limited what you could do with imported samples (only as “drums”). Sure i could re-create the sounds from auxy and import them, but then i’d just be stuck with that one sound. I couldn’t really edit it a whole lot.

But if there was something for sound design, you could edit any aspect of the sound and tweak better than the options you currently have.

im not saying the app seems less simple, but the devs seem to think so, which is where i was trying to come from

And yet they continue to release drum kits.
Presumably the import functionality hasn’t killed that.

As I understand it, a UI update that better supports melodic sample imports is on their list, so presumably they don’t see that as undermining the subscription content model.

(Some of us ingrates labour through using the current ‘one-shot’ import approach for tonal instruments, using pitch automation to sequence melodies and chords.

:shudder: :wink:


but the devs seem to think so

I’d be surprised if they honestly thought it was simpler. Cooler (in their mind), probably. But, simpler?

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To be honsest I think that Fl studio mobile has really dissapointed me with the capabilities that it has (not a lot). I really think that they can improve the app A LOT in terms of sound design and user interface. I don’t know, maybe I’m just trash at sound design :joy::man_shrugging:

I agree. It’s rubbish.

That would be an awesome addition to the app (if it were to come in the future). If the devs can come up with a user friendly way to design your own sounds the variety of songs that people could make would be amazing. Also, a lot of the sound design on Fl studio is using Xfer Serum and sylenth 1. They have very cool and satisfying ways to design some awesome synths (especially serum). But they do cost A TON of money :moneybag:. Although i do agree with @El1011

Anyways, it would be awesome to see if they could come up with some way of doing it. You never know :wink:

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