Deru - Press on

hope you enjoy!

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Great track!
Feels like it would work with vocals.
(That happens a lot here. Tracks crying out for vocals.*)

I think it might benefit from another run-through on the mix though.
The drop/chorus(?) chords are great, bright and wide. However, imo they feel a little too high in the mix, and that top-end is overwhelming the vocal chops.
The vocal chops are being drowned out to the point where they’re kinda just adding mud to that part of the spectrum.

My (non-professional) advice would be to either drop the chords down in the mix a little and carve out a little more space for the vocal chops with EQ/LPF/HPF…

…or simply don’t have the vocal chops playing when the chords are playing.

* and evidence strongly points to vocal tracks being more successful than purely instrumental tracks.
So, maybe something to look into for this track. :slight_smile:

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This is so good, as usual with your work :). I think I agree with thoughtful noise about the vocal chops playing over/with the chords, but otherwise I think it’s a great track. Definitely submit it to ToTW 37!

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Thanks a lot for your guys advice I might work on it and re submit! I made the vocal chops in the background on purpose but it may not have been the best decision. Yea I’ll have to work on it a bit

Sound awesome bro especially the drop, i really want to collab with you on this project which i am working on it. If you’re interested in it then we should collab!!!