Demons That Glitter (Vol. I) - Xavior [Electronic / Classical]

DEMONS THAT GLITTER (VOL. I) is the first of small collections of mixed-genre music that I’ll be putting out from time to time. These collections are little short stories, interludes between my typical releases. I get really nervous and sensitive about putting out different music because I not always what people want to hear. But I’m excited to keep exploring new styles and experimenting with new sounds.

Please tell me how they make you feel. There’s a lot of emotion and story behind the classical composition - “A Dream in Monochrome”, but that certainly doesn’t mean the same kind of emotions can’t be elicited from “Don’t Like Him Much,” which has its own story as well.


:black_heart: XAVIOR


I’m crying. This is amazing.

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I’m bawling now. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I’m digging the sounds man, great stuff first track sounds like it could of been in a movie :movie_camera:

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Love the art. Love the tension in the tracks. I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Ghosts I-IV and I feel that in this. You do you - don’t worry about what you think people wanna hear. If you’re not pleasing yourself then it’s an exercise in futility :slight_smile:

Excellent work

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Thank you so much <3