Demo Sounds Only Challenge

Probably posting for ALL Demo Sound only! Its not a Challenge (title edited by admin) just do your best out of the Demo Sound. :muscle:t3:

Be now or later, the 8 listed demo sound will be available in Auxy permanently (maybe or maybe not). But in the end Demo Sound still have to go somewhere… become music/tone/wave to ones ears.

Rules: -

  • TITLE MUST BE as following:-

    • Auxy Generated TITLE


    • YOUR TITLE “(Example Title)”

      • Example :-
        Modest Falcon: Demo Sound (Numbers)
  • MUST use Demo Sound (8) + Original Sound (2) ONLY.

    1. Barber
    2. Dirt
    3. Bold Steel
    4. Climb
    5. Mascara
    6. Origin
    7. Pebble
    8. Spray
    9. Pasta
    10. Egg
  • SoundCloud links ONLY

  • Anyone can post (Free or PREMIUM acc)

So I’m going to start first.

Modest Falcon: Demo Sound (Numbers)

Post for your tracks that used only Demo sound available :slightly_smiling_face:


give me a list of all the demo sounds. I’ll make it harder on myself and only limit myself to 4 total instruments

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Thanks for participating :+1:t3:

This is a great idea, it will def help to show how versatile the demo sounds really are

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Thx. Please feel free to contribute :wave:t3:

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What are the free drum kits/samples that are included in the demo version?

Edit: Dawn & Twitch seem to be the only ones that I’ve found on the disco. If there was any more added with the new update please let me know :slight_smile:

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Okay, don’t get mad at me because I don’t have a soundcloud, (I’ll make one if needed)

I had to remove two sounds in order to do this, Story and the Sweeper.

This is the one with those two sounds-


Make a SoundCloud for yourself. It’ll be better to share tracks that way and if you’re seriously planning to make and share music regularly, then you would want listeners from outside this community as well and of course its safer to share a soundcloud link (not sure if plagiarism still happens, never been a victim, so not calling anyone out )
But yeah, you get the point

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In case you were using sweeper as a riser, you can achieve similar effects with Spray

If you were using it for white noise tho, theres no replacement

PS Havent heard the track yet

Okay, I’ll make one

When’s the deadline

no deadline, just go with the flow :slight_smile:

once you got some, just post it here ya

Some inspiration from new Bishu track (the little vocal chops after the first drop) Only about 1/2 a full track, but I got a bit stuck so this is all I got for now.
If anyone likes it and wants to finish it, I’m up for a collab (thought it’ll prob take a while since I have AP’s coming up). And I’m a free user, so it will have to only be the (new) free sounds. But that’s not to say stuff can’t be added in afterwards (like exporting to GB & making edits there)

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Umm hi everyone!

I’m reviving this topic because I just saw the app and this is my first time fiddling with only the demo sounds. Looking for feedback my bois and wamen.

Meloadius - by g0ntr4n

I think Bold Steel is a demo sound

Don’t have SoundCloud either

June is new to the demo sounds so i made a song and the drums as the spice for the song i made