Demo Drums Sorting

With the demo melodic instruments, there’s a section with them. Of course, they’re in the other packs too (That I don’t have access to).

But with the demo drums, I can’t find them, there’s no section containing the demo drums. This makes editing the drum packs very difficult for me as a demo user. Can the demo drums have a section where I could find them all, similar to the demo melodic instruments?

Please note that this problem arose with the update to the pack sorting, what with the favourite feature. I could go and find all of the drums that are included in the demo and favourite them, but I can’t use the favourite feature with the demo.

I think that was free last time in auxy 5.1.0

Yeah I’ve had the demo for a few months since I first downloaded Auxy, never had that much motivation to go and buy the subscription

Does your drum section not look like this?

it does, but when I try to edit a kit, like modifying one slot of a drum, I can’t find the demo drums


That’s strange

Bro I think it’s maybe everytime you tap sample from any drum kit. The subscription or whatever that is maybe the problem

No that’s old I swear

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it is, but did they really change the layout for that?? seems like a backwards idea


We gotta stop this