Delicate Collab 4 People Only!

Here is my drums for the collab and here is the Idea i made If There Is Any questions Let me Know


Can I join?


Nice :ok_hand: what genre are we going for

If you don’t like it no worries. Just had fun messing with it.

I really like the seventh bar. The bass is sick.

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heres my other thingy i did

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your type of idea that you have in ur head idk all the genras

I added a bit to it

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Good stuff all around, but there might be enough here for 2 songs haha.


I tried to make it more concise while still including all the elements we made and keeping it on the chill side. Let me know what you guys think.

I tweaked it a little more

Ik it says 4 people only but I had to change the kick sound cuz it is weak af

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Good call!

Dang guys this is sounding pretty great!

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It need some like rly distorted drop or something

Is this :sunglasses: or :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:?

That drop is fire! We just gotta figure out what style of song we want, if we stick with the calm vibe then it will be hard to fit it in , but it I’m down for what you guys want to do