Deleting Downloaded Sounds?

I want to know if this is an issue that anyone else is having or if it’s just me:

I think that sometimes sounds that I haven’t used in a while get undownloaded? (This has only ever been an issue after 6.0. Sounds that I’ve definitely used the new version of will have to be downloaded sometimes. This usually isn’t a big problem but since I can’t grt WiFi often it can make listening to/editing certain songs impossible and is also just annoying since I’d like to have access to all of Auxys sounds at once. Not sure if this is a problem on my end or whatever so decided to ask


I’ve had this happen to me before too. For me it usually only happens when I’m not using WiFi and open the app, where some sounds try (and fail) to download, and then it tells you there’s no WiFi. I agree, it is really annoying, and even when I do have WiFi back on, I usually have to close and reopen the app for it to realize the wifi’s back on. It’s not a big problem for me, as I’m usually connected to WiFi, but when it does happen it’s mildly infuriating.

I’ve had this happen. Usually resolves in a matter of seconds.

I’ve ALSO had an occasional bug where none of my projects could open because “the file cannot be located” and it wants me to download a backup (which may or may not be different than the project I am trying to open). Usually a close/reopen works, but sometimes it just takes some time :man_shrugging: I will say that the first time it happened, I about $#!+ a brick.

i had a lot of projects ruined because i use imported drums a a lot and i had to re-download them all