Default Name Challenge

Hello everybody!

I was looking through the Contest & Challenges category today and I couldn’t find any good challenges that were open, so I thought, “Why don’t I just make one instead of entering?” After all, I do feel a little burned out on making music at this point. Anyways…

The contest

So this contest is pretty simple. I was thinking of random ways to have fun with Auxy, and this is what I came up with:

  1. Create a new project, and most importantly: keep the default name.
  2. The goal of this challenge is to create a track, of any genre, but an appealing one, that fits the default name. (This means your track will have to fit the name of “[adjective] [animal]”.)
  3. Upload it to SoundCloud with the title “[default title] - eohr’s Auxy Default Name Challenge” and post the link here

I will rank them based on:

  1. 30 seconds or shorter
  2. Sounds like a Sad Walrus, or a Candid Sheep, or whatever adjective and animal you get
  3. Is good music (nice chords and melodies, good drums (if you choose to use them), well mixed, good choice of sounds, etc.)

All entries must be submitted by June 25. This is when I will listen to all of them and rank them. If you want feedback, just pm me. Also, I would suspect some other people doing the contest would be willing to give feedback too.

I will repost the winning track on my sad little 41 follower SC.

That’s all, folks. gEt wOrkin nOw!

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I can enter but I’ll probably forget rip

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lol I thought I would forget to look at submissions on the 25 so I had to set a reminder…

“Futuristic Silkworm”


Let’s get it

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Sassy Prawn wtf

good luck buddy

Ill give it a go

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Started with Sweet Lemur

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Don’t know how snarky it sounds, but you’ll definitely want to alpaca your headphones so you can listen to it…:joy:

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I’ll fire up a project rn

“Cynical Bat” sounds promising :joy:

Oh damn I just saw this hahahah sad

An hour to make this? :face_with_monocle: Hmmm…

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do it im going to wait until july 5

Can you mnake it less than 30 seconds?

Lol, prolly

Wait, do you mean, make the song less than thirty seconds in length?

Yes, that is one of the rewuirements.

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Sorry, here

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