Death: Overseer of the Void - NotMiles :notmiles:

Made this one back when the sweet pads came out. Figured that I hadn’t posted anything in a while.
C L I C C the cover art




i’Ve BeEn ClIcC bAiTeD

With a title like that, I’m expecting a rather jaunty ditty.

(Cliccs the cover art.)

Really digging it.
Liked and Reposted.

Got a little clippy just before the 2 min mark, but it works in context.

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You wot?

Thanks, man

Nice. I really like it!!

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Thank you!

It was a very nice song, I just had the urge to say clicc bait because… reasons

I was bAiTeD into a nIcE

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Understandable, have a nice day

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You should put aviators on your cat