Davis9754 - Nebula (dubstep)



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I like it a lot. Great job!


yo this slaps.

tho i think it’s probably more like some kind of hybrid trap. Still noice track tho

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This is the first dubstep track I finished

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I like the starting melody. Almost jazzy. Drums come in nicely. Kick for the build up could have been stronger. THAT DROP! Dude. You can do that in Auxy??? That’s so tight bro! Awesome job!

Uniqueness: 8/10
Predictability: 7/10
Complexity: 8/10
Use Of Instruments/Automation/Samples: 9/10
Appeal: 10/10 :clap:

Overall: 42/50

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All instruments I used:

-Drum Kit 1
-Kick 28 - Transcendent Trap 2
-Snare 45 - Leviathan 2
-Snare 19 - Beats from the Bass Ship 2
-Dollar’s Closed Hihat
-Electronic Drum 02- Nu Disco Dynamite
-A dubstep growl sample
-Crash 34 - Leviathan 2

-Drum Kit 2
-Shifted Snare 01 - Leviathan 2
-Golddust Impact - Leviathan 2