David Naha - Hi Amsterdam


I enjoyed making this tune with Auxy. #FirstRelease

Thank you for your time and am open to learn all sorts of insightful knowledge regarding quality and production as well.



Project File: https://app.auxy.co/projects/bGDgUrB7TKJBEyD-t0GGcA==


Hey David! Welcome to the disco! I see that you joined on… October 17th?! So… welcome!
I Really like this track. I mean… its a really, really solid track. It has nice basic chords, a chilling melody, and a really soft bass. It all plays nice into the really chilled out vibe, love it! Also, great job at 2:20 adding in some slight Saxophone notes, really sounds nice. Also, at 3:30, using “Tonsil” for some vocal chops, It sounds amazing. For a first track, this is phenomenal.

Keep up the awesomeness… quick tip
Might wanna change your Soundcloud profile link from the “user-7707166 and all the numbers” to like, davidnahamusic. It will be easier to find you on soundcloud.

Welcome to the disco, can’t wait to hear your next track :smiley:


Thank you for your kind words, fam! Things like this make noob like me to keep making music better. :sweat_smile:

Stay awesome,


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Hi, fam!

nice track! I like it!

thank you thank you!