Darwinmcd [Remixers Wanted]

Hello fellow Auxians!

I know my style is not very prevalent in the community, so I’m looking for remixers out there to put their own interpretation/style on a few of my recent tracks (below):


Anyone who is interested, please DM me and I’ll send you the project file(s) and you can have at it.

Should be fun, right?

This could be a great opportunity to be heard by “tens” of SoundCloud listeners. :joy::joy:


I am not a remixer, however I do know a guy who remixes my songs. His name’s Fokkses, and I think he’ll be glad to help you remix your songs. You might have to give him the project files, since that’s how he remixes with mine


@NorthEast Thanks for the recommendation. @Fokkses already reached out to me and is working with a couple of songs. :grin:

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Here you go.

Nightfall is done.


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@darwinmcd also this

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For Nightfall:
Whoa!! Nice job dude!! Loving your approach to this song and the added instrumentation. The drop at 0:28…SO great! I really dig the sections that start at 0:51 and 2:08. Some great automation going on there! Love it!

Liked :heart:️ and reposted!!

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For Edge:
OK…you already know how I feel about this one from my PM. I love the slowed down tempo and the arpeggio running throughout. The drum drop at 0:31…SO awesome! Also love the “reverse” piano effect at 1:40. Excellent remix my man!

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Hey…check out the awesome remix my man @Christoffo did of my song Nightfall:
Nicely done sir! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Also, no takers for a remix of Free Time??

My boy @Christoffo came through with another banger remix, this one for Free Time. Check it out: