Darling - Kro [Album]

This marks the first Full length album I’ve made, and the heaviest to date. (Although we do have some “uplifting” parts ;P) It is inspired by The anime series “Darling in the franxx”. Wonk ‘n Prosper



This is top class stuff.

Already played ‘Franxx’ half-a-dozen times today.


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Starting my day the right way.

The Kro way! ™


I think I’m through 80% or 90%, this is really good. All the tracks flow together really nicely. You’ve got to start thinking about getting your stuff distributed.

Make sure you tag your uploads on SC to get the algorithms to work to your advantage. I don’t actively promote anything on SC and I’m getting between 5-15 plays a day (not a ton, but a nice stream) solely based on my tagging and algorithms (can tell because SC Pulse breaks it down).

If you get this stuff in stores, I’m buying it. Simple as that.

im loving it obviously but why does it say “Teaser” on most of the tracks? They sound finished to me. Still great album, 002 is my fav.

Well franxx was unfinished so I just slapped it on with the “teaser” title that I’m oh so familiar with lol

Also thx for the edit stereo looks better xP

Dude this album is sick. Was this all made in Auxy? Man I can’t pick a favourite track they are all incredible in their own right.

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Yup 100% Auxy

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Amazing, I love how dark the tracks are, great work.

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