Dark / horror house

I would love to hear tracks from dark-mooded fellows who enjoy classic mystery and beats.
I’ll kick with this remixeable track I just finished.
Cheers. Offcmd.


Man… dope track! Some of my bounce stuff plays into that vibe but this song is on another level!


Awesome Track :+1:
I have a WIP track on Auxy that is kinda this dark / horror? I don’t REALLY know the definition of house so not sure if it is or not.

Oh, you mean @DHO ‘s specialty?


I might make some of this because now we actually have a proper Reese bass

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What’s a Reese Bass xD

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listen to the beginning of Flume’s Helix. Very low growly and full sound.

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I like to make spook beats too. I made this one a while ago, and it’s a bit long for my tastes these days, but there’s a tonne of similarities with yours. Did you use rain?


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So… nearly my entire repertoire? :joy:

I think the closest that fit this “theme” would be:

  1. Gone Mad
  2. Ashen (feat. Athena Dawn)
  3. Down Deep (feat. MILØ)
  4. The Parasite

The genres are quite mixed and/or obscure, but you can definitely tell they’re ‘dark’

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True, but I think S e x should count ;p

More comedic than horror, wouldn’t you say? :sweat_smile:

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True that xD

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Good stuff!

It’s horror for anyone not mature enough to handle it. But if the original is horror, my remix is a slasher movie villain xD

Woot woot


(Click the pic)

t o p i c r e v i v e

(Sorta unrelated, but it’s still about Sp00ky tracks)
Im thinkin about dropping an old track of min, but I just wanted yall’s opinion on the cover art first.
They’re like 97% identical, but I’m not sure which I like better. one is normal and the other has a sharpness filter applied.


The one not sharpened!

Just a little sidenote: I recognize this image from “A Ghost Story”. Wouldn’t recommend putting out an image that might easily be flagged for copyright.

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Oh. Didn’t know that. I was just scrolling through google images and found it. Thanks for telling me. I’ll go change it.

No worries :slight_smile: just sticking out for ya